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An Introduction to The Ross King Company, Inc.

Business Activities

There are 3 facets to our business: building new organs, both mechanical (tracker) and electric action; rebuilding existing organs; and tuning and servicing.

The future for organbuilding depends on the availability of prompt, competent, service work. We therefore give service work the highest priority in our scheduling.

We are especially interested in church and synagogue organs. We seek to combine scholarship, theological insight, musical judgment, visual sensitivity, and manufacturing ability.

Visitors are always welcome at our shop.

Our team consists of 6 persons working together and sharing responsibilities. Our strengths are design, voicing, and acoustics. Our skills include woodworking, metalworking, and electrical working.

We are not fast workers, and we protect ourselves in scheduling so that voicing, which comes at the end of an installation, gets the time it deserves.


Visual and tonal design is done in our office. Woodworking is done in our shop. Pipes are made to our specifications by firms in the U.S. and Europe that specialize in pipemaking. We voice the pipes in the room where the organ will be heard.

Schedule and Financial Arrangements

Work on existing organs, whether service work, repairs or modifications, is done on a time materials expenses basis for all work, including evaluation, consultation, design, and drawings.

New organs are built by contract on a fixed price basis. Contracted projects (new organs and rebuilding projects) usually require about 18 months.


We like to work with a client’s Organ Committee, staff, architect, and consultants in the design of an organ. We like for organ committees to listen to organs we have built as well of those of other builders and to choose the builder whose work and style of operation they like best. Our prices are not the lowest, but we can cooperate with a church to design an instrument of the highest quality and value. We do not make bids, but we do negotiate.

We like for a prospective client to consult with prior clients to evaluate our performance and style of working. We are happy to supply names of key persons on jobs where we have worked previously.

Biographical information
  • B.A., North Texas State University.
  • Majors: math; music.
  • S.M.M. (Master of Sacred Music), Union Theological Seminary, New York City.
  • Organbuilding apprenticeship with Otto Hofmann.
  • Organist-choirmaster at churches in New Jersey, New York, and Texas.
  • Established organbuilding firm in Fort Worth in 1969.
  • Past dean (president) of the Fort Worth chapter of the American Guild of Organists.
  • Articles published in The American Organist and Journal of the American Institute of Organbuilders.
  • Addressed International Congress of Organists, Cambridge University. 1987.
  • Builder of approximately 30 organs in Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico.
  • American Guild of Organists
  • American Institute of Organbuilders